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Top 4 Places You Have to See in New Rochelle

4 Places You Need to See in New Rochelle

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In New Rochelle there’s always something to see and somewhere to be. Explore these top options of things to do in New Rochelle. We’ve included a wide range of activities where you can create new cherished memories with your friends and family.

Must-Visit Places in New Rochelle

Hudson Parks and Beach

If you’re interested in a walk next to the beach, Hudson Parks and Beach is for you. Here you can enjoy the sun, take in the gorgeous ocean views, or simply watch the world go by in the variety of people that visit this hidden gem in New Rochelle. There’s a small park for the kids and a space where, if you’re lucky, you will find a band playing music.

Regal New Roc

Enjoy a cinematic outing by watching the newest movies in the comfort of Regal New Roc’s reclining seats. You can complete the experience with your standard delicious treats for the occasion, such as fresh popcorn, sugary sodas, and candies, which you’ll find in the concession area. For a unique experience, pick a movie that’s in 4DX or 3D to fully immerse yourself in the film.

Pelham Art Center

Let your artist's heart soar and make a visit to the Pelham Art Center. This Art Center has everything you need to grow as an artist, from various public art exhibitions for everyone in the family to workshops and classes. Check out their next projects and public exhibitions, and prepare to be blown away by the talent of various artists!

Dine and Sail

Choose up to six of your friends and enjoy a memorable dining experience on a 50-foot sailboat. You’ll be accompanied by Captain Luc and his wife Kathryn who’ll guide you through the process of preparing a sailing boat. To finish the night, you’ll be treated to a tasty dinner made by Captain Luc and his more than 30 years of experience as a professional chef. Remember to make your reservation.

Create New Memories in New Rochelle

As you can see, there are various options in New Rochelle that are perfect to go out of the ordinary and spend an unforgettable day surrounded by your loved ones. The best thing is that all of these options are close to your apartment in New Rochelle. The fun never ends!

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