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3 Things to Do this Summer near New Rochelle, NY

The Best Things to Do this Summer near New Rochelle

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Summer is officially here! It is the season of laughs, hot weather, and tons of ice cream. If you’re ready to experience everything the city offers, check out these fun things to do in New Rochelle.

Things to do Near Your Apartment in New Rochelle 

The Rock Club

If you want to spend an out-of-the-ordinary weekend, The Rock Club is for you. Step back in time, unleash your inner child, and embrace thrilling adventures through rock climbing. Pure joy awaits action lovers at this entertaining spot. Gather your friends, push your limits while staying active, and spend a day at The Rock Club.

Hudson Park and Beach

Discover many free things to do in New Rochelle at Hudson Park and Beach. You’ll have abundant opportunities to enjoy a beautiful day under the NY sun here.  

Enjoy lush green spaces for picnics with friends and sandy beaches to soak up the rays. Access to the park is free, but parking costs a $5 fee. And if you’re lucky, you can catch live music events from local artists.

Five Island Park

Five Island Park, a beloved New York staple, is near 3Thirty3 Luxury apartments in New Rochelle. Comprising five interconnected islands, this park offers seamless access through bridges. 

Get in touch with nature by visiting Five Island Park, an idyllic spot to organize a picnic with your loved ones, with available grills. This family-friendly option is ideal for breathing fresh air and basking in the beautiful scenery.

Fun Near Your Luxury Apartment in New Rochelle

Countless attractions and activities await you near your luxury apartment in New Rochelle. Imagine the joy of having everything you need right at your doorstep. Get ready to have the best summer ever and live these experiences yourself.

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