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How to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

How to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

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Making an apartment homey can be tricky, especially since it can feel like such a big task! You should be able to take a break and feel at peace in your personal space. To do that, you’d want to feel fully established in your home.

With the help of inspiration boards and apps, you can find a style you love, and with some time on the internet, you’ll be able to get apartment decorating ideas that’ll be useful to take this step and make yourself feel at home!

It's Essential to Spend Time Making Your Apartment Homey


You need to have a space to go to when you want to relax and can genuinely call your own. At 3Thirty3, we’ve created a sophisticated environment and apartments that you can easily adapt to your style, and the best thing about this is that the only thing you need to do is give yourself the time to add these tips to your home and routine:

  • Add some nostalgic elements. Do you have some good pictures of your loved ones? Let’s put them around the apartment! It’d be such a nice touch to turn around and remember good memories. It’ll put a smile on your face from the time you start your day to the moment it ends.

  • Take the time to do some meal prep. Not only would this make your day go smoothly, but it’d allow you to spend some time in your kitchen, and you’ll have a lovely home-cooked meal ready for when you want it. 

  • Let’s go the extra mile with some nice, comfy decor. Adding some excellent soft pillows will give your apartment a sense of comfort and relaxation. Maybe even a blanket for when you want to read a book on your couch or watch some TV. It’ll automatically get you in the mood to rest and hang out in your home. 


You’ll find tons of apartment decorating ideas. Remember to follow your instincts and add what is a good fit for you and your style to make your apartment feel like home! Add some new routines to your day that you’ll enjoy and will prepare you to spend more time in your space.

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