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The Best Ways to Organize Your Space

The Best Ways to Organize Your Space

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Trying to have a perfectly organized home has become a task that takes too long; at 3Thirty3, we get it and want to help you as much as we can. But have you ever thought about why this feels like such a difficult chore? We come home tired from work or get visits, and we only want to spend some time relaxing in our apartment.

That’s why we’ve come up with some other ideas specifically curated for your necessities. These tips and tricks will help you to keep everything in place so it’s easier for your home to stay neat and tidy for longer. 

How to Organize Your Home? 

Everything should have its own place. That’s why acrylic or plastic organizers have become so popular over the years. Keeping a designated space for small items, like your remote, your chargers or electronics could help you keep everything in hand, giving you a clear picture of what you own and where it’s stored. These small space storage ideas can help you maintain order in various rooms inside your apartment and allow you to spend less time looking for your cables and electronics since you already have a designated space for them.

Declutter as often as you can. Let’s be honest; how many of us keep decorating items, clothes or even furniture we know we’re never going to use just because “there may be a time when I’ll need it”? If you haven’t found a use for them in the last year or so, it may be time to get rid of it. Decluttering helps you create a mental list of what you own and forces you to clean up space, so everything you have has an actual purpose and brings some value to your life.

“The Clean Up Basket.” Keep a lovely basket as a decoration item in your living room. There you can toss items you’ve been using but don’t feel like putting back in their space right away. Maybe a light blanket or your charger. Try to use this not as often, and remember you have to take care of it at the end of the day and go around your home to keep the basket empty.

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